The Grayson | NYC Birthday | Party Bookings

The Grayson

16 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10009

Bar, Lounge, Restaurant & Bar, Sports Bar


Monday - Sunday 11:00 am - 4:00 am


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Background & DJ’s at night—spoiler alert: there will be dancing


This is for the person who doesn’t want to make a big deal out of their birthday, but still wants great drinks, good food and a Bloody Mary with a slice of bacon in it. It’s like a dream come true in here—there’s always some sort of happy hour or deal that will leave your jaw hanging open at your bill.


This East Village gem is all that’s wonderful about this eclectic downtown neighborhood. It boasts amazing prices, full size happy hour food, a trendy, but not snotty crowd and all the flat screens you’ll ever need to watch *insert your favorite sport here*. This is totally one of those grab a beer and chill spots.


You should be a fan of any place that has tater tots on the menu. Not only The Grayson have tater tots, but they’re loaded with bacon, cheese and sour cream. OMG. They also boast other tasty bar bites like nachos, wings and a hangover burger. They also have other hangover cures or things that can give you a hangover, depending on how you look at it. They’re the home of the $2 mimosa brunch. And each and every day, they have some type of food special (.50 wings, ½ off burger, $4 Bloody Marys) that will make any day you book the best choice. Also, there’s a mac & cheese burger. You’re welcome.


There’s nothing better than finding a low key place in New York City that serves amazing food, gives you the laid back feel of a bar and drink prices that make you want to slap your momma (only if you have a death wish). The Grayson sounds like it’s going to have its nose in the air, but it’s the complete opposite. It’s like that approachable girl next door who’s never heard of resting bitch face. It’s a must for an unpretentious birthday celebration.