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Tonic East

411 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016

Bar, Lounge, Restaurant & Bar, Rooftop, Sports, Sports Bar


Monday - Friday 11am- 4am


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Birthday parties are like Tom Cruise’s rational days: they are few and far between, so you really want to make them count. In New York City’s Murray Hill, Tonic East is where you keep it Top Gun and steer clear of any scientology-esque disappointment.


A sea of neon blues, reds, and golds, Tonic East is three floors of swanky, uniquely lit decor, plush booths, and huge flat screens, all topped off with a bumpin roof deck (complete with views of the Empire State and Chrysler). A fantastic spot for birthday parties, the clientele is young and gorgeous, further increasing your chances of ending your night the way a birthday is meant to end-that is if you’re still up for it when the place kicks you out at 4 am (we believe in you).


The look of the place is lavish, but Tonic East doesn’t scrimp on the menu either. From appetizers like Thai satays and sliders to more upscale fare like filet or chicken marsala, the menu is as big and delicious as the place itself. And as they’re open till 4, they serve up late night grub as good as anywhere in New York City.


Tonic East is a post-college playground of unique drinks, sexy lighting, and a roof deck that’s a turn on in itself. Trust us, this place lets you throw a party so rockin that Kanye would probably sample it.