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Tonic Times Square

727 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019

Bar, Sports Bar


Open Daily 10:30AM- 4AM


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The sweet hum of people cheering and/or grunting over their favorite sports team.


It’s a sports bar, in the sportiest way possible. For real. If you go to their website and look at the photos, there’s a guy with his arms folded, watching the screen intently. It’s hilarious. So depending on how everyone’s team is doing, people will happily celebrate your birthday with you. TV’s are literally everywhere, so you’ve got to be a pretty confident person to have your birthday here because your friends are going to have a hard time pulling their eyes from the millions of screens. Millions. But the drinks are worth their distractions.


This is a bro’s paradise. Well, let us not stereotype here. It’s a sports enthusiast’s wet dream. Better? You know how bars are in New York City—a very elevated experience with incredible drinks, tasty bites and a sexy décor. Everyone here loves sports just as much as you do.


We’re not going to sugar coat it, there’s mostly bar food here, but it’s not your momma’s bar food. We’re not saying your momma has a bar. We’re…well, the food is good, damn good. From a stuffed lobster tail (yes, what bar has that!?) to BBQ ribs to a whiskey burger to quinoa, (yes…they have quinoa) there’s something for every one of your picky friends. They even have gluten-free options for that annoying friend of yours. You know who they are…and if you don’t, it’s you. But since we’re being honest here, the reason you’re here is drinks (the food is just the best bonus ever in life) and Tonic West has a cocktail list that will leave you broke…because you’re going to order everything.


This is the type of venue you’d go to if you didn’t want to make a huge deal of your birthday and you’re perfectly fine with losing everyone’s attention to the game. It’s the perfect place for drinks and food, lowkey and fun. We heard through the grapevine that Busta Rhymes likes it there…ok, so he’s been there before. Same difference. So then, there’s that.