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Under Bar

280 W 115th St, New York, NY 10026

Bar, Gastropub, Live Music, Lounge, Restaurant & Bar, Speakeasy, Top 40



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The name is super literal as this bar is actually under the very popular hotspot in Harlem, Row House. There’s just something about dope bars that are semi-secret, almost like a speakeasy. They make you feel like you’re in the know, which makes you cool. Plus, let’s be real, Harlem is where it’s at!


Harlem is known for its gorgeous architecture and Under Bar is certainly a venue that adds to that charm. Under Bar is swanky without being stuffy and it’s the perfect vibe of what Harlem is now. It’s a reminder of the Renaissance. It’s Langston Hughes. It’s Alicia Keys. It’s bespoke cocktails and chic crowds. It’s food with history and pride. It’s just the kind of place that’s perfect for a chill night.


Because this place is under Row House, you’re lucky enough to be able to enjoy Row House’s delectable menu. The dinner menu boasts lobster croquettes, salmon and steak tartare, lamb chops and perfectly cooked sea scallops to name a few. Everything on this menu is carefully crafted and you can taste that in every bite.


This place is classy, to put it in one word. It’s modern, but still gives a firm nod to the nostalgic charm that makes Harlem an amazing and historical part of New York City. Come to Row House for dinner and drinks and head downstairs to dance the night away in a stunning space that’s perfect for a good time!