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Village Pourhouse Downtown

64 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003

Bar, Restaurant & Bar, Sports Bar


Sunday - Wednesday 11AM - 2AM

Thursday - Saturday 11AM - 4AM


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Th​e ​offer is redeemable Monday ​through Wednesday 12pm to 9pm, Thursday 12pm-7pm and Friday 12pm to 8pm.


There’s sports playing on the TV, so…yeah


Known as one of the best bars to watch your favorite team play, Village Pourhouse as a birthday celebration is for the beer lover. You might wonder why you’d book your birthday party at a bar, but they have private rooms, so you can celebrate in drunken, full privacy. Or, just walk in and mingle with everyone there. Either way, happy birthday!


It’s a sports bar, so obviously, it’s chill. Don’t show up in your birthday tutu. This isn’t the place for that. Besides, the lighting in there is mostly the glow of the many TVs, so you don’t want to take pictures there anyways. Either celebrate at the boisterous bar, or cause your own ruckus in your private room. Pourhouse is all about the turn up. New York City has an image to uphold, but the vibe here is not concerned with being seen or trendy, they’re there for a good time.


Your typical bar food will sustain you here. Wings, burgers and nachos, but they take it a few steps farther with mac & cheese bites, pretzel-coated chicken tenders and fried cheesecake bites. Fried freakin’ cheesecake! How’s that for a birthday cake?


This is the place to go if you want a no frills birthday celebration. There’s great drinks, company and atmosphere. Sample their many beers or snack on delicious bar snacks and enjoy being a year older without breaking the bank. It just might become a regular spot for you, as this is one of those places where everybody knows your name.