Witman and Bloom | Birthday Party Booker

Whitman And Bloom

384 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016

Bar, Lounge, Sports Bar



Monday -Sunday 11:00 am - 4:00 am


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mood music, ambience—you won’t notice because the food is so f*cking delish


It’s like being at your cool grandma’s house. The décor is rustic, which essentially means that it’s a carpenter’s dream because everything is made of wood. Well, the bar is actually marble, you know, because…fancy. But Whitman & Bloom is more casual than nose in the air and that’s what you want. But even from the outside, you’re met with a wooden, down-home feel. You know the food is going to be good from judging the book by its cover alone.


Tables are tucked away underneath bookshelves, nestled beside fireplaces and framed with kitschy mismatched mirrors. Like we said, it’s your grandma’s house, if your grandma was an amazing hybrid of Martha Stewart and Jill Brinson. The décor is comfort chic, which is prefect for the comfort foods they serve.


Don’t you hate when restaurants claim to serve seasonal mouth-watering goodies and their menu stays the same? That’s not seasonal! But Whitman & Bloom makes the seasonal claim and they deliver! Their menu is ever-changing because that’s what seasons do. Don’t be upset if when you go, you don’t get to taste the wild mushroom ravioli, the salmon BLT wrap or the pumpkin gnocchi—they will eventually make their way back to this ridiculously amazing menu. There’s a few delectable staples, like the grilled hanger steak (which we’re surprised it can even make it to your table because if we were the waiter, we’d eat it), the charred Brussels sprouts (this is the best burnt food you’ll ever eat) and the pulled lamb sliders—all of which deserve your mouth.


Whether you’re just bringing BAE or your group of friends, Whitman & Bloom is the best birthday choice to impress your friends with your sophisticated palette. Each dish, even the entrees are tapas style and beg to be shared, but if you’re not good at sharing (we’re not), the portions lend themselves to be a little bit generous. It’s cozy, the food is comforting and the overall ambience feels like home. If you’re looking for a foodie’s paradise type of celebration, this is the restaurant for you.