16 Sweet Bars With Sweeter Deals for March Madness

March 4, 2016

We’re pretty sure you know that Sweet 16 doesn’t only refer to that one amazing birthday when you feel like the whole world is your oyster. Sweet 16 is also a round in the NCAA tournament that’s at all four of the regional sites. It’s a goal. From there, the teams go to the Elite 8 and that determines who does to the Final Four!

Blah blah blah. You want to know where to go for March Madness in NYC, right? And you also need to know where you can go to drink for a decent price, don’t you? We’ve got you covered. Here are 16 sweet bars with even sweeter deals! Make sure you contact us for deals on large parties!


Suite 36

This place is proudly showing all the games. And with delicious elevated bar food, it’s a sure bet. It’s also one of those places that everyone loves, so be prepared for a fully packed house.


The Royal

Don’t let the name fool you. This local Union Square bar is all about happy hour, sports and lounging. Sounds like the average man’s heaven. We’re not calling you average, we just know that you’re not royalty. And if you are–first round’s on you!


The Ainsworth

It’s like you escaped the city for a ski lounge. Yes, it’s that swanky and cozy. Bonus: We heard that the wait staff is hot, so there’s that, you know, if you like that sort of thing. And if you don’t, no one is judging you…to your face. But if you don’t, there’s a mac & cheese burger on the menu that’s kinda famous.

manhattenproper_profileManhattan Proper

Yes, this place looks like it sounds…fancy schmancy. But don’t worry, you can still wear those ripped jeans and T-shirt with a mustard stain. Actually, change your shirt, you slob. The “Proper” part of the name is all about the food–it’s more than elevated bar food, it’s a full-on moment. From truffle mac & cheese to beignets, there’s no shortage of yum here. You may or may not develop a British accent, you know, to distract people from  your dirty shirt and also, to fit it because it’s a proper accent. See what we did there?


Tonic Times Square

Ok, we know, Times Square is only frequented by tourists who only look up and stop walking ever two steps. If you can get beyond that annoyance, you could certainly enjoy all that Tonic has to offer. They’re going to be showing all of the games on their brand spankin’ new ultra HD monster TV! This place is massive, so there’s no way the crowds will crowd you. And the food is bar food, sure, but it’s not the afterthought kind. You can tell they actually have a chef working in the kitchen, or somebody’s momma who loves to feed people delicious food.



The Grayson

Guys. There’s over 45 HD TVs here. Also, this place is known as the home of the $2 mimosa. Say what?! And if you’re going to drink a gallon of those, you’re going to need some food. They have loaded waffle fries here guys. LOADED. WAFFLE. FRIES. If that doesn’t make you excited about basketball, nothing will.



Randolph Brooklyn

You don’t have to go into Manhattan to have an amazing time watching the game. That’s why Brooklyn exists. Ok, so there’s tons of hipsters in Brooklyn and they like this place. So be warned. But when hipsters like something, that just means it’s awesome. Don’t let their ironic T-shirts turn you off. Also, jerk shrimp tacos.



Get ready for rowdy. This place is known to be super loud, which should be fine, because who needs to hear basketball? While it’s not the most swanky place, you need something lowkey because who has time to be extra fancy? There’s 21 TV’s and projectors, so every angle is a good angle. We heard somewhere that if you bring 12 friends, you could get a free open bar for an hour. And after that hour, who cares about anything?



Madison Square Tavern

Despite tavern being in the name, the focus here is the food. Just kidding, it’s the drinks. But the food is a close second. With three levels and 7000 square-feet, this place is impossible to be crowded in. There’s private areas for you yell at the screen without judgment, or you can join the people and eat and drink like a king.



Beer, beer, beer! This biergarten is stunning and gives you views of Manhattan that you’ve likely never seen because you never leave the city. But you will now. With over 40 beers on top, getting intoxicated is almost required. And then there’s the food–like the gorgonzola bacon brisket burger and of course the various bratwusrts. Totally worth the trip.


PS 450

This is not a public school. Unless you’re attending the school of awesome bars. This swanky, sexy hotspot is an oasis in the middle of midtown. There’s the bar itself, the open space with lots of seating and then beyond that, the lounge, where you do exactly that. It literally feels like three places for the price of one. It may not be the most ideal place to watch the game, but that may mean that it won’t be packed.



If you like artisan handcrafted cocktails, this is the place you should come watch the game. Not every basketball game is watched with beer, right? Some of us like to enjoy the drink on a different level. There’s also a bartender that everyone knows–Mina. Ask for her, she’ll get you set up. Also there’s tons of TV and tacos, so what are you waiting for?




Yes, this is indeed Jay Z’s place. So if you’ve never been, now is the time to go. There’s a gigantic open space where the bar is the center of the room and several TV screens ban together to make one, and then there’s that awesome bleacher-like seating, except it looks like the type of bleachers Jay Z and Beyonce would sit on, if they sat on bleachers. It’s swank at its finest. And then, there’s the private rooms where you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into Jay Z’s man cave. It’s the perfect grown man sports bar.


Village Pourhouse

The name of the place makes it sound as if your drink will never be empty. And it won’t. This is definitely the bar you went to in college every single night. It’s in their tagline: there’s no better place to eat, drink or support your team. And they’re right. Kinda–you know because there’s 15 other places on this list. But they have 20 HD flatscreen TV’s and all the burgers you could ever want and more.



Their happy hour is the happiest. There’s $5 house wines,$4 well drinks and $6 martinis. That sounds like the best way to get your March Madness on! There’s two floors, pool tables, ping pong tables, and picnic style communal tables where you can play board games–so just in case you get bored with basketball, there’s more ways to have fun.


Tonic East

They have a neverending happy hour that actually does end, at 8pm. But that’s ok. Because before 8, you can get $5 beers and wine and $6 cocktails. See, they get you! And we know we talk about food a lot and that’s because it’s important, especially when you’re watching a game, but the food here is king! Steak baguette bites, a variety of pizza and burgers and wings that will make you question every wing you’ve ever had.

Remember, book with us and we’ll get you some great deals. Happy March Madness!