Top 10 Spots in NYC To Watch The Super Bowl

January 26, 2016

The Carolina Panthers versus the Denver Broncos. What an exciting game this will be! And Cam Newton and Peyton Manning aside, let’s be real–Beyonce’s going to perform at the half time show again. Can you say, “Jackpot?”

You can’t just watch this at home–plus, why invite people over to make a mess of your place? You need to know where to watch the Super Bowl in NYC and we’re got your back, as we always do.

Check out the best places that will serve you food, drinks and football all night long without messing up your place. You know, because you’ve worked so hard to make sure it’s on fleek. (Are people still using that phrase? We are!)

12-Super Bowl Rings-50th

Tonic Times Square

Not only will they be showing the Super Bowl–duh, that’s the reason you’re there–but they also have 35 HD TV’s with surround sound. You’re going to feel like you’re actually there, except without the ridiculous price tag.

One top of all the TV’s you could ever ask for, there’s also $100 tickets that will guarantee you comfortable seating, all the beer you could handle and lunch! It’s like having your mom do the Super Bowl without judging how much you’ll want to drink.


A lounge to watch the big game? Yes! Because you’re fancy. Fake fancy, but fancy nonetheless. This sexy lounge is an unexpected backdrop for a Super Bowl party, but with the VIP packages starting at $50, it’s basically a steal. Did we mention that Hennessy is sponsoring it?

They didn’t feel adequate enough for a Super Bowl of Cam Newton proportions, so they decided to add 10 more TV’s so that no one complains about not being able to see as they sip on Hennessy.


The Royal

It’s in the name. It’s the only bar in New York City that makes you feel like you’re reigning over a kingdom. Ok, just kidding. We wanted you to feel special and you are, and so is this bar, but it’s not Camelot. However, it’s a sexy sports bar with 40 TV’s. This is the perfect place to watch the Super Bowl without having anyone crowding you.

Great drinks, even greater eats–like the mac & cheese burger that will make you question any diet you’re on and all the TV’s you need to feel like a king at his own Super Bowl soiree.  When you pay admission, you get two drink tickets and there’s table packages starting at $200 and VIP booth seating at $1350 for your entourage.

The Royal Lounge


Almost every sports bar can boast all the TV’s in the world, but how many of them can offer an 8ft movie screen for you to watch the Super Bowl on? Only Randolph and all three of its locations: Randolph At Broome, Randolph Beer and Randolph Brooklyn.

And here’s the cherry on top, if you book through us, you get a special deal: a free round of shots/bucket of beer. Sounds like the perfect thing to quench your thirst. And after that round, when you have to buy your own drinks, you won’t be flabbergasted (yeah we said it) at your bill when it’s all over.


This might be named SideBAR, but it’s about to be your main squeeze. The crowd is the perfect Super Bowl accessory–everyone is boisterous and feel like bros here. But you’re watching football, so that’s what you need, right? A bro? Yeah, you need a bro.

But you also need their elevated aka fancy bar snacks like the Chicken BLT, six layer nachos or loaded waffle fries. You might even want to order something to go because it’s that good.


Doesn’t this sound like the place where everyone in the neighborhood comes to enjoy a beer, or seven? It is. It’s actually known to be the place where everyone and their mommas (ok, not their mommas) go to watch their favorite team obliterate the competition.

The best thing about this place is that it doesn’t give you the stick up the ass feeling that many NYC hotspots offer. It’s a genuine sports bar with so many beers to offer, your head will spin. Your ticket will allow you to have all of those beers, all of them, until you can’t stands no more. Literally and figuratively.

To say the Super Bowl party here is going to be LIT is an understatement. The open bar will be open during the entire game and appetizers will be served during the first half–aka before Beyonce comes out. And the tickets are only $49. What?!


Suite 36

This sounds sexy, doesn’t it? And with free admission, there’s no debating that this might be the sexiest Super Bowl party in New York City. They’re not concerned about just the big game, but they’re also offering up Christian Jaw and DJ Heavyness to slay the music pre-game and half time (for those of you who are not excited about watching Beyonce at half time).

So this is obviously the party that lasts all day (doors open at 4pm). They’re going to be serving drinks and food all day long. What kind of drinks and food you ask? Buckets of buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, all their sandwiches and well drinks, buckets of beers and shots. They’re even giving half priced bottles of Ciroc, Henny or Grey Goose.

With all these perks, they’ve got to enforce some rules–there’s a bar stool minimum of $40 a person and if you or your party isn’t in the building by 5:30, you’re losing your reservation. So don’t be late.


Session 73

Yes, even the Upper East Side does the Super Bowl too! And even though Session 73 hosts live music seven nights a week, they’re taking one special night off for the Super Bowl.

They will be showing the big game from kickoff to last whistle, serving up unlimited Bud Light and football comfort food buffet style for a measly $30 per person. If that’s not a deal, we don’t know what is!